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We believe that there is life and light in getting right with God.

The path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day (Proverbs 4:18).

Everyone needs this kind of light and everyone needs this kind of life. As believers, by virtue of the love of God working through us, we can bring that light to the world around us.

In contrast to Bible School or Seminary, where would-be ministers of faith or preachers train to head up churches, our Chaplaincy training through Grace Christian College empower everyday believers to engage others on everyday issues through the lens of faith in the resurrected Christ.

A Chaplain may be officially appointed to a specific task in a school, a hospital, a sports team, a business or a prison. Or, a Chaplain may be self-appointed to, on an ad hoc basis, serve the needs of others in their place of employment, their community or in general public.

As such, "Community Chaplains" respond to the needs of others as they come across them much as the Good Samaritan did. Engagements with others may be over coffee or in a supermarket or as a member of the local cycling club. Community Chaplains have no set boundaries - they allow God to work through them wherever He sees fit.

Corporate Chaplains do not differ much from Community Chaplains except that they may be officially appointed and employed by a company to serve the spiritual needs of all staff.

You may inquire through Grace Christian College should Chaplaincy be something you wish to look into.

Chaplains aren't preachers. They don't have to know the Greek and the Hebrew text and they don't have to know the Bible inside out. In short, they don't have to have the right words all the time. Instead, all they need to be able to do, essentially, is listen.

That is, listen to the person they are speaking to and (learn to) hear what, if anything, God wants them to do about it. Sometimes just 'being there' is all that is required. But it makes all the difference in the world to the person they are dealing with.

In the end, having a constructive bearing on the life of a fellow human being is a tremendous privilege. It is something we do not mind helping other learn to do.

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