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To be clear, we do not believe that Christianity is all about the relationships with the people around us. Foremost, Christianity is about truth from which godly love and right relationships come (John 14:6). Jesus never sacrificed truth in order to have friendly relations with everybody around Him. To Him, truth always enjoyed a higher priority than relationships (Matthew 23:33). Followers of Christ endeavor to afford truth the same priority.

The Bible says that God will lead us through His Spirit to understand His word so that we may produce the fruit that the Father is looking for.

Everyday Believer Pty Ltd have a number of initiatives ongoing:

  • Where God's promptings lead you to embrace compassion and generosity towards the less fortunate we encourage you to look into our initiative in this area: is an online initiative to help raise money on behalf of charities who serve the needs of the most needy.
  • Where God's promptings lead you to loving service in business or the community you may consider our initiative to educate and train Community and Corporate Chaplains.
  • Where you have a need to develop your own skills, or teach others, in better managing their money, you may consider our work initiative to help Christians develop their money management skills (in process).
  • Where you wish to participate in discussion or ask questions about faith and Christianity you may find relevant and interesting reading material on a related website.

You do not need to learn about the Bible or Christianity or to develop godly love and produce the fruit which the Father is looking for. We encourage you to do your own study (2 Timothy 3:14-17).

Therefore, we want to encourage you to just start somewhere and to get involved; whether it be at your local church or the community organization down the street or initiating something yourself. Remember though, there is no shame in supporting a good initiative that already exists and there are plenty of them around.

Getting started is the most important thing to do. It helps us grow and it encourages us to seek God's word and His Spirit in an increasing way, without which, we cannot produce the fruit the Father is looking for.

Remember, as believers we do not always have to find application for our talents to get started; the Apostle Paul was not attractive nor was he a great speaker and neither was Moses. Yet God accomplished great things through their speaking because they simply made themselves available.

As such, we believe that once started, God will help us move or change direction as He sees fit. But, starting is up to us – it is the thing that we must decide to do. 


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